Grade 4


Home Is…

Home is a place where you can feel loved.
Home is where you can empty your baggage.
Home is where amazing memories are made.
Home is where you can tell what you are feeling.
Home is not a building, it is the people you share it with.
Home is something that can not be taken from you.
Home is not a house.
Home is where the heart is.
Home is where your family is.
Home is where you can hear the sound of laughter.
Home is where you belong.
Home is where no one can judge you.
Home is a safe place.
Home is a place of joy.
Home is a fun place.
Home is something everyone should be able to have.
Home is open to everyone.
Home is peace and quiet.
Home is sometimes LOUD.
Home is maybe the BEST thing in the world!
Nothing compares to home.