Grade 6


Home Is…

I think home is a place where you should feel safe, share emotions,be with your family and be greatful. Home is someplace you should not be afraid to speak or communicate with others.Home is also a place you can eat, stay warm, be sheltered from bad weather and have lots of fun. I think everyone should deserve a house or a warm place to stay. I think that this project will do very well for people without homes or safe habitats that they can stay in.Home is a place where i feel safe and glad to be with my family and friends.A home is a place where you can go if anything bad happens or if you feel unsafe from anything surrounding you that is harmful or dangerous. The people living in your home with you should make you feel safe, comforted, happy and full of other great emotions. I think the Habitat for humanity project will raise lots of money for great reasons and all of us should help our communities to decrease the number of homeless people every year. I will be very excited to help humanity in Canada and i hope my essay will be very good in helping humanity and habitats!