Grade 5

British Columbia

Home Is…

The walls and roofs are one thing that make a home, but it’s my family and I that complete it. Walls and roofs are shields to protect me from storms, rainfall, snow and the wind from outside but inside my home is my beloved family.

The home my family loves me in is the place I’ll be remembered in. A place where pets, friends and family stay or gather. A place to make memories and retell them.

I feel safe with the people I have around me. Home is where I can tell my family, friends and pets about my feelings, worries and concerns and always be heard. Home is where family is loved!

My home is a place to be myself. Home is where I have my own room. I can play on my devices, play with toys, draw and colour while listening to music. My place to do ALL my daily things.

My home isn’t just a house, it’s a whole lot more. It’s a home that my dad, mom, two sisters and I live in. It’s my safe haven because I feel more comfortable here than any other place I can think of.