Grade 4

Mount Elgin

Home is

Home is best, so sweet and warm. Think about others who have nothing. Are you not thankful that we don’t live like that? A home is such a gift. Others work just for food to give to their family and they have no money to buy a house. We are not poor compared to them. We have electricity and a warm bed. Don’t you feel bad for them? In our home, we have fun laughing and talking. We spend time together. Home is special because we live in it together with our family members. We have a lot of things that other people don’t have. We should try to help them with their food and homes so we can have a better nation and other countries can be better too.
I like home. Home is sweet. Other people are sad that they don’t have homes. Aren’t you glad we have a home? Won’t you help others have a home?