Grade 4

Newfoundland and Labrador

Home is…

A place where you feel comfort, family, love ,and shelter. Home is many other things too.

Home is comfort. Coming home after a long day is amazing. You can relax. I feel so cozy when I lay in my bed. Sometimes my cat even lays on my bed too. You can be a little more casual at home. You can wear your pajamas all day and watch tv. When your at home you don’t have to dress up fancy at all. I feel safer at my house than anywhere else. Feeling safe makes me feel more comfortable.

Home is family. I love seeing my family. I call my dad every night and morning. I see my mom everyday. My dog and cat are part of my family too. My dog lays down everyday while me and my mom eat breakfast and supper.

Home is love. I love my family and pets.I love my room too. My home makes me feel loved. I feel like almost nothing can happen. I feel like my parents and cat and dog love me. I appreciate being loved by my family. I know not everyone is. Home gives me so much love.

Home is shelter. I’m protected from bad people and stormy weather. Barley anything bad can happen. I can’t get too hurt at home. I feel safe from bad weather. I feel like I can trust that nothing bad will happen. When I go to other places I don’t feel this way. Home is a roof over my head to keep me safe as well as love, family, and comfort.

I am extremely lucky to have a home. I wish everyone else in the world who does not have a home could have a home too. Home is my absolute favorite place in the world. I hope more people get homes too.