Grade 6

British Columbia

Home Is…

Home is one marvellous word. Home is only one word, but it can be used so many ways. I feel it’s one of the best words ever.

It’s a place where you can go and enjoy yourself. It’s a place where you can go when you have had a troubling day. Home is a place with love, friendship, and hope. Imagine you have a bad day at school, work, or wherever, you can go home, talk to your parents or your kids about how the day went.

Home is relaxation, you get food, water, and most of all having someone there. Home is absolutely one of the most important things in life. You have a roof over your head to protect you from snow or rain. Home is not where you come to drop your stuff off at the door and watch TV or play video games. It’s about people that love you and protect you from danger.

The people that have a home are very lucky. They may have had a home in the past, but maybe not. Think of people that live on the street, who don’t have a roof over their head. They are unloved, lonely, and are forgotten. These people are not safe and no one is protecting them. Even if lots of people have homes, it doesn’t mean that everyone does. We all have to support the people that don’t have a home, because inside we are all the exact same thing.