Grade 6


Home Is

Home is where the story begins. Most people think that home is a place that you live in. It is much more than that. Home is a safe, secure spot to be. Home is where you make memories. My home is where I can be free. Free to ride my horse whenever I want.
When I am at home I see my kitten chasing my older cat around. My siblings running and screaming. My goats calling and crying. My horses chasing and running through the pasture. Its chaos but its home to me.
When I am at home I hear many things. My dogs barking at rodents in the night. The kitten scratching the floor as he runs. My siblings laughing, crying, yelling and farting. The cows making a low call to each other. The horses calling each other keeping us awake. It is the life to live.
At home I smell mostly my siblings’ farts. When I’m at home I smell wet dog, goat poop, cow poop and horse poop. My favourite smell of all is when I ride my horse it’s all I smell.
I feel many things when I am at home. I feel the soft fur of my horse and cat. I feel ruffled fur of my dogs, goats and my pet cow Daisy. I feel cushions and my blankets and pillows. The cuddles my parents give. Most of all I feel love.
I am grateful for what I have. I hope I never lose that. That is just my home a farm in the country, but some people don’t have a roof over their heads. I am so glad that I have a home a pet and a roof. Even if it means I must do chores and feed all the animals and put up with all my annoying siblings its home to me and I love all of them. That is my home and I hope I can help someone else have a home who needs a home. That is home to me.