Grade 5


Home in our hearts

I think home is in your heart like a city. It isn’t the building, it’s the people. We all think home is something we can touch but it’s our hearts. A city cannot live without the people. The people make it interesting, fun, amazing and make life worth living in. Rich people brag about how much money they have and how big of a mansion they have. When their house in their hearts is a carboard house, it’s always raining with crazy storms. The people who have comforted, helped and baked for the homeless have hearts that are big and healthy. Their home in their hearts is like a mansion with calm rain and sunny days. They are warming people’s spirits to make to live a happy life that they’ll never forget. The people doing this will tell other people who will start doing it, which means thousands will be helping the homeless. Then there will be no more homeless people in the world. If we all do these things this will be a better world, a better place for all of us.