Grade 6

Medicine Hat

Home in my Own Words

Home in my own words

Home is a place where everyone can all gather and play cards and have pizza and watch a movie and many other things that some families cannot do. Some people always say oh i hate my life i hate my job some families have to work a job they hate to stay alive and they don’t have a choice and that’s no fair if a guy with 4 million dollars says i hate my life the people that are about to be homeless have probably worked harder than a rich man. Home is a place I want everyone on earth to have to play board games video games cards and have dinner in a dining room not downtown Medicine Hats streets.Home to me personally is a place where me and my dad can have fires and sit in our hot tub.
Some families are extremely depressed with COVID 19 wrecking Their lives .
My family has been extremely grateful that COVID 19 hasn’t affected us financially.
Many people lost a ton of money and cannot afford a home or to rent a home.
I wake up every morning loving my home more and more everyday and want others to feel the same.
I want no people being homeless. Everyone deserves a home that they love and enjoy and see their kids and parents can see their children every morning at their new dining room table for breakfast.
I get to experience having and enjoying a home. I think there should be a no homeless person law. Everyone deserves a home.
My feelings of home are that i love and care about my home. I wake up in the night thinking about if I didn’t have a home.Home means a lot to me.