Grade 6

Sherwood Park

Home, In My Eyes

To me home is the only place I can fully be me.
I think Home is special, and I know that it makes me feel special.
Sometimes I can feel a little bored at home and want to go someplace else but no matter where I go and how much fun It is to leave I always want to come back.
Home is a place to help others and ask to be helped by others, it is a place to love and be loved.
I feel comfortable and happy when at home and want to make everyone there feel comfortable and happy as well.
I feel so lucky to have a great home and feel as if I can achieve more there than any other place I know.
It is always hard to move away from a house that you’ve grown to love very much, and I’ve felt this several times: you miss the smell and the feeling of being inside your home.
But wherever I’ve moved to, it doesn’t
matter where Its always felt like a wonderfully comfortable home.