Grade 6


Home in my City

Home looks like a place full of colour. We have a black and brown brick wall at front, and a pink wall beside it. The sides of my house are coloured creme. My room and the office are painted blue.

Our home feels like a warm blanket pulled over your body. It also feels like sitting beside the furnace heater. Or being burnt by hot food or being scorched by sizzling oil. It also feels like a warm group hug from my family.

My home has nice smells like when we cook. We use olive oil, coconut oil, and avocado oil, and they all smell good. My mom uses Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning spray to clean the house. Rice has a special scent that gives me memories of my toddlerhood.

Sounds are travelling around the house all the time. Quiet sounds really calm the mind. The refrigerator, microwave and water filter are examples of things that hum. I always play quiet music in my room when I sleep. Us waking up in the morning is also a quiet noise you can hear.

And last, but not least, we’ve got the tastes. There’s a basket with candy in the dining room cabinet, and the container with sweet chocolate bars. We sometimes eat desserts like ice cream, cake or Crème caramel.