Grade 6

British Columbia

Home in many forms

I am 11 years old and have lived in 4 provinces and 16 homes. To some that seems crazy but to me that is normal. We love adventures and meeting new people while experiencing our vast country – our moves have always been positive and exciting. What I’ve learned through each move is exactly what home is.

Home is feeling safe
Home is feeling joy
Home is feel protected from either scorching hot temperatures or the bitter cold Canada offers
Home is wherever our photos hang (and we have alot!)
Home is where I can grow and learn
Home is where I feel I can be my worst self and still be accepted
Home is where it smells of moms cooking
Home is where my dog greets me after school

I am grateful for home.. wherever it is.

We wish everyone could have a “home” – a place to feel safe, protected and loved.