Grade 5

British Columbia

home in a nutshell

A house is a structure of bricks,wood or stone,but the place filled with memories is called a home .
A home is place where happiness lasts,and people inside are having a blast! A home can be quiet or full of sound, but what really matters is both genders allowed. A home is something that is never lost,
even if you don’t know the cost. Home has more meanings than one. ‘H’ stands for happy,helping,
and healthy . ‘O’ stands for original,others,and ongoing. ‘M’ stands for memories,miracles,and mindfulness. ‘E’ stands for encouragement,empowering,and easygoing. Whenever you’re inside your home you should never be sad ,because whenever you are alone, you can pet your cat named Chad. If you don’t have a home ,don’t just stand there and be sad,you’ll find a home even if you are old.Let’s make today the best day It can be, not just for you but for everybody!maybe you could say hello,or how do you do.It will make them feel happy and maybe even you!