Grade 6


Home & House Meaning

A home is somewhere you make memories, love, laughter, and Warmth! As for a house, it is a physical structure, and is empty and all alone. For example “I’ve kept billions of memories in my home!” and “I live in my house with my dog.” So, a home is a fun and enjoyable place. As for the house, it is quiet and a sad place. Even though you may say they are the exact same thing, they are not. They have differences. Now, think of the word home, how calming it makes you. Then think of the word house, how structured it is. Now think to yourself, do I live in my house which is sad, and lonely, or do I live in my home which is joyful, loving, and warm hearted? I would say I live in my home because I am constantly happy and having fun! Living in a house does not mean you are constantly miserable; it means that it is an empty structure and a quiet place. Only some houses can be sad, not all. Some houses can be loud but not full of memories. Now think of your home if you are in it. Now look around it do, you have lots of stuff, or do you have very little stuff in it? if your house is more modern and emptier than it means you have a house, but not all cases are like that. If you have a lot of family memories in it and you can feel happy in it then it means it is a home. Even though it may look empty, it really is not, it is full of memories and love! Now that is the true meaning of a home.