Grade 5


Home & House

The differences between a Home & House. Also, the similarities between a Home & House.

A home is a place where you feel love & comfort. Also, a home is where you make good, bad, cool… memories. A home is also a place where you know you belong there. That’s how you know you have a home.

A house is just a place with a roof. Also, a house can be anywhere, anything. Plus, you could just go to a hotel and call it a house. As well, a house is where you spend unimportant time. First, all I would do at a house is eat, sleep then repeat.

The differences between a home and a house is that a home is a place where the heart is. Then a house is just a place where you eat and sleep. The similarities of a house and a home is that they both have a roof. Also, they both are safe to have people live inside.