Grade 4


home & homelesness

As soon as I walk in my home I feel a sigh of relief or a rush of I’m finally home blows through me. At home I can be myself and express my feelings. Home is a place for memories to be made and remembered. I feel safe in my home, safe enough to have a breakdown.
I am protected from the boiling sun and the icy winter winds. I talk with my family and friends in my house. Home is where my parents say goodnight to me in my soft warm bed and wake me up when the morning sun colors the sky.

Imagine though if you woke up in the cold shivering under an icy wet bridge for shelter.
Being ignored, sitting on a dirty park bench or on the cold wet pathment no friends. Panhandling for money or even some food to survive and stay healthy. You would be nervous to let out your emotions because people would walk by you every minute. It would be hard to be your true self. Imagine being homeless, just think.

At my school we are learning about people experiencing homelesness and we went on a field trip to The Mustard Seed a shelter for people experiencing homeiesness. We did lots of amazing things including an interview with a person experiencing homelesness. He loves to work out, wears glasses, age 49, used to live in Toronto, loves to chat, 2 years homeless, short black curly hair, loves yellow and used to be a security guard. I also heard a story of a person experiencing homelesness. Lots of people were generous and gave him food such as apples and granola bars but that did not help because he did not have teeth and he could not eat them. But if they had gotten to know him then they could have helped him.

Lately in my work you may have seen or heard me write about a person experiencing homelesness and I have a reason for that. It is because I am trying to encourage you to say it to! I am trying to encourage you because if you say homeless person it makes it seem permanent like they are homeless forever when they are not because they can go to a shelter such as Inn From The Cold or The Mustard Seed to help them get a job. It will also give them hope and confidence.

But you can do more, even submitting your work donates $10 to homlesness! You can do a fundraiser and give the money to a shelter. At Inn From The Cold you only need to be 8 to volunteer and help STOP HOMELESNESS! We can do it together.