Grade 6

Richmond Hill

Home, Home I Love My Home

Home, Home I Love My Home

Home, home, home sweet home, there’s no place more perfect like home sweet home.
It’s just like my own little dome, nice and warm, also where I read this poem.
Although it’s not a dome shape, it’s where I go for shelter and for all my basic needs.

Toys, food, water, shelter, clothing.
Those are very few items I do while I’m living.
Toys, at my home I play with toys happily playing.
I love to eat, yum, yum, yum happily in my home “yummy” eating!!!!
Water, water keeps me alive, it also keeps me hydrated and happily drinking.
Shelter is just a thing over my head, nothing fancy just protecting.
C-L-O-T-H-I-N-G keeps me warm and fashioniable.

I love some items in my house.
My bed ooooh yeah. Sleep, sleep, sleep in my house
My couch oooooh yeah. Read, watching Mickey Mouse
Books, books reading all day long being as quiet as a mouse.

Home, home I love my home!!!!!!!