Grade 4


Home Home Home Home


My house is mostly empty because we are so busy. Me and my cousin’s are at the YMCA and my parents are at work. We are thankful for our home. The meaning of home for my family is spending time with each other. My home’s feeling are mostly sad and mad but its a little happy here and there. Everybody in my house feels loved.
My house has my cousins EKAM, the nice one and Aks, aka MR SLAPSALOT, my brother Akash, the electrician, my mom and my dad and my grandma and grandpa , my aunt, my uncle and GUCHI, my dog.
Some of the kinds of sounds are yelling, crying, and laughing. Smells are tea, it kind of smells. Cooking smells like roti and PARANTAS. My favorite spots is my room, my bro’s room and my gamingliving room. We do not have a lot of space because there are lots of people. We all fit though.
Sights are my brother’s room (he gets his own room), my back yard, my glass door and three other giant windows and my basketball net. My cousin’s and I love basketball.
But my family is more important than anything, even my home 😊