Grade 4


Home, Home, Home

Home is a place, not an object, but it has people, sounds, feelings and rooms. We don’t all have homes, think about homeless people, we should all be thankful. Our homes are important to us, I am always thankful for my house, but more importantly, my life and my family. We all have a right to have a home and love it. Even if your house small, you should still appreciate it. If we could all have homes, we could all be happy. Here is a short list to explain everything about my home and why it’s important to me.
1. Who. I live with my Dad, Mom, and my 2 Brothers, like an ordinary child. But… I’ve got lots of stuffies.
2. Sounds. Okay my Mom cooks a lot, like most Moms do, I like how the food fries. And YouTube is a main sound usually I hear Lachlan and Ali-A on the tv. Also, I hear it when me or my brother plays Fortnite.
3. Smells. You know my mom cooks lots right? Well that food has a smell. I want to eat it ASAP because of the smell. I smell a hint of lavender when I come back from school, and when my parents talk.
4. Feeling. At home I feel comfy and happy, like a stress-free zone, I’m relived. Well… That was short.
5. Favorite spot. My favorite spot is my new gaming studio. I have a small 4k tv, and my customized ps4 pro just sitting under the tv with a book cabinet beside me, and my new gaming chair, and that table is like an office desk. There is a drawer under the desk and in that drawer is my equipment, chat headphones, HDMI extension cable, controllers, controller charger, and USB drives (in case I need to reboot the ps4).
These are just some of the reasons why I love my home. It is important to me. I hope your home is important to you too.