Grade 4


Home has a Meaning

Home has a Meaning
Home keeps you safe and comfortable, with love all around,
Only your home gives you the true feeling of being loved and cared about,
It Means a lot to you, you can play and run at your home,
You can Even learn your passions as much as you like.

Home is more than just a roof, walls and rooms,
At your home, you have love and support everywhere, making your home have a bigger meaning than it looks.
Supported by the walls in your house.

At home, the rooms give you privacy and time to let out your creativity,

Meant to be a surprise for my loving parents, who make my home what it is, a loving place where I feel comfortable.
Even the simple looking rooms have a meaning
And the small staircases get you to your room,
Nonetheless, your room is where you sleep,
In the dark of the night, stars glowing upon you,
Never will I hesitate to take care of my home, like it takes care of me.
Going down the front steps, I glance at my home, my shelter where I felt safe and comfortable, with my parents supporting me all the way.