Grade 6


Home From My Point of View

The home of a person is the beginning of a wonderful life. I will tell you about it.
It is a safe place and that safe place protects you from criminals and bad weather. The home has heating and air conditioning but the house does not. The house is always cold in the winter and hot in the summer but a home is always just right.
Another thing is that a home has good food and the people there can order food if they want to. A house has no good food. A house might not have food. A house has no fridge, microwave or oven.
Another thing a home has is good memories because it has caring families.. It also has entertainment and other stuff that make the memories possible. Another reason a home has good memories is because positivity is common. The house is just a structure; it has no positivity, the house has nothing.
Another thing that a home has is electricity. The home has electricity to heat up the home and to power all cooking devices. It powers all things that are vital. A house has no electricity. A house has almost no chance of having electricity.
Another thing a home has is more time inside and, in the home, there is normally a family which can pay for a home. The family in the house normally has less money and will move a lot and will never settle down unless you help and donate to charity.
I hope that this gives you a unique point of view of the people who have nothing.