Grade 6

Fall River
Nova Scotia

Home for me

Home for me isn’t just a place where you sleep or walls all around you and bricks formed. For me it is where you feel safe and comfortable and most important of all is family wherever my is,is my home. And after school or work, for me it’s school. Mostly because I don’t have a job but I don’t want to sound ungrateful by writing these things . Because im lucky to be born and stand on my feet and have a big boost in my life . But after a day I like to come home .

One of the things I see and smell or hear is my dog whenever I get home my dog is always there to welcome me and he makes me really happy to see him. One of the things or activity to do is sing with my dad in the kitchen we always cook together it’s some of my favorite memories that I have with him.

I like it when theres a storm because I get to see how strong my home is and it comforts me to see how strong my home is because if we live in a strong home then we are strong. Home isn’t a place you can see or feel but it’s love and hope that comes from inside it’s a place where you aren’t embarrassed or scared or lost . I hope that you always have a home at the end of the day to go to. And that’s what home means to me .