Grade 6


Home For Me

Home For Me

Home is my safe and comfort zone,
Where everything including me is calm.
Home is where I am not alone,
My family makes it a home.
It’s a place which I have always known,
Even if it isn’t where I was born.

Home gives me shelter so I’m warm.
Outside on the streets, poor people roam,
Not knowing if they will ever have a home.
Only having a box or a corner,
To stay for the night.
Only seeing moonlight and stars shining bright.
A dazzling but cold and sad sight.

Charities are funding money
And the poor people are having hope of light.
I am writing to help make it right.
More people are coming to join,
Giving poor people a hope of light.
Even if I don’t win, the light of hope will be bright.
No matter what it won’t be dark.