Grade 5


Home For Me

Home is a place that you love,
A house is just a building.
A home can be a house,
But a house isn’t always a home.

A house might be multiple people’s homes
But it still could just be a house to someone else.

A home is just a place where you feel needed,
A safe place, a happy place, a comfy place
And a place you make memories at.

It’s a place with food, water and heat for the winter.
Even if you don’t still live there,
Your home is still a home.

It’s always hard to leave a home,
But even if it’s not a house,
It can be a home.

It’s hard and scary to think that someone doesn’t have a house,
But it’s even harder to think about not having a home at all.
Not having a place you feel needed, safe, happy,
and not having food and water or even heat.