Grade 6

New Brunswick

Home for me.

Home is not a house. Home is where you can stay and feel safe. You can feel warm and happy at home. Home can be anywhere. It can be a house, a tent, an apartment, or a shelter as long as you feel happy with your family. Many people don’t have a home or a house, so you should be grateful to have one. With a family and a home, we have everything we need.

I don’t have a house, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have a home. I live in a apartment, with my family. I like my home. It’s warm and safe, and that makes it my home. I don’t like my home sometimes, but that is only when I’m angry and sad. I like my home almost always. I can be with my family, feeling warm and happy. Even if you’re not living in a house, where you live can be your home.

I wasn’t in Canada at first. I was in Korea. I moved here when I was almost 8. I was happy and sad at the same time. I was happy because I got to explore the world a bit more. But sad because I had to move to a new home, and it wasn’t the same. Canada had new friends, new school, new neighbors, new people and a new language. But with my family, I could make a new house into a home, my home. And here I am, in Canada, loving my new home.