Grade 6

Carleton Place

Home for Humanity

Home for Humanity

A house is made of brick and mortar, but home is made by the people who live there – M.K Soni. A home to me means it is a Colorful, Comfortable and Quiet.

The reason colorful means home to me is to when I enter my room. As soon as I step in all I can see is stuff that is green, white and silver. I find those colors to be quite relaxing and subtle to my own comfort. If you looked at my house all throughout my home and yard all you will see is a world of colors. And that is why I find having some colors in your house quite useful.

Comfort is something I think of when I think of home. Some things that I find make my home feel comfortable is when I go upstairs to room, I find my fishes. And I instantly go to my desk to start some drawings. When I start them, they instantly feel comfortable in my own home again. What else I find comfort in my room is I have my scented candles going when I get and to the fact that my room has sentimental value to me.

I find a quiet home very useful when you need some peace. Especially after a long day of work and or school. When you have work in your home you need to do it is best for a quiet workspace. When there’s loads of stress and you need a break, you want a peaceful home, or you can always go outside as well. That is why a quiet home is perfect.

And therefore a colorful, comfortable and quiet home is what a home means to me.