Grade 6


Home for everyone


To me, home is a very safe place but people needs homes and when they don’t have homes they can collapse and no one will notice. So we have to care for people who needs homes and, homes can make peace and happiness and children needs it more than adults but adults needs homes too. A home can make dreams and you can make new friends if you have a home so everyone needs a home. When you have a home you can make a family and when you have a family you can be happy and when you are happy there is life. If no one has a home they will not make a family and when there is no family there is no happiness and no happiness does not make a life.

Home is a very special place that you can live in it, be happy, make friends, make a family, where families reunite and the last of all is taking care of people who is homeless, sad, if they don’t have family/friend.

Homes make you warm, protect you from storms, homes can give you comfort, protect you from fear and bullying, and you can get protected from your family if your scared or bullied.

So help the homeless and give them homes so everyone can be happy.