Grade 5


Home for Everyone

Home is a place where I snuggle into my blue bed sheets and rest my head on my fluffy pillow. And I’m warm because my thick silky blanket is over me and after a busy day I think about how thankful for my home. Because I realize not everyone has a home.

I think back a lot through my life. And realize that in my life my family and I have taken in so many babies because their parents couldn’t make a home for them. Sometimes not even a house, since a home and a house are so different.

A home is where you eat the spaghetti with meatballs and too much tomato sauce. And the noodles are a little soft but not to much so it has the perfect texture in your mouth. or on top of your dog’s bed were you lay in front of the fire. Whereas a house is just a building with walls and. But you turn a house in a home.

When I walk and see people on the sidewalks asking for money, I get butterflies when I truly think that those people don’t have a place to sleep. They probably know what a home is but just don’t have one unlike those babies were we can teach them what a home is, and every night they have a roof over their head like me. Babies come into my family’s home and we have to adjusts to let the babies have a home. Because it’s not fair for them to not have a home. So every night I thank God for my home and how blessed I am. And pray for those people because they deserve a home.