Grade 6


Home for different people!

What is Home to me?

Home is where my family is
A place where i can relax
A place with no worries
A place to be free
A place with me

What is home to some unfortunate people?❤❤️❤

A place that they dream of
A place that all take for granted
A place where they can be safe
A place they never had
A place that they don’t have…

What is home To all

Home is a place of Safety
A place to be carefree
A place of no worry
A place where you should not worry
About the events of tomorrow

What is home?!?

I think Home is a place that everyone should have because everyone is a person none different and because they are un-fortunate to be not wealthy does not mean they do not deserve a home.
Home is where i can relax and let my mind wander and have shelter and no worries from anything, home is where my family is even if no house or building is there despite all the other things if your family is there it is your home. Although home is different for others it is not the same for all we do have different meanings of the word “Home” Some think of them in their house relaxing or like me where their family is your place of home can always change and to me HOME means most importantly is where you and your family are no matter where and why it is still my home if you go somewhere or move somewhere else it follows it is where you rest and where you feel comfort.

That is home to me!