Grade 6

British Columbia

Home, Even if its not Complete

Home, Even if it’s not Complete

Home is about who you’re with, not where you are.
Home is about love not anger.
Home is the place where you learn to walk and talk
Where you love and cry.
If we didn’t have a home, we wouldn’t be who we are and who we have become
When you submit your writing, you’re helping build a home for those who don’t have a home, those who live on the streets or those who just need somewhere to go.
My home is somewhere I go after school or after hanging out with a friend. Even if my house is under construction, or has no walls its still a home to someone because when you walk through that door, the smell of cookies or supper in the oven, or our animals coming to greet you at the door.
To me that’s what makes a home so special.