Grade 4


Home could be a hug

Home is that feeling overflowing with joy. The feeling you get when you play with a special toy, that feeling of warmth, that feeling of hope; it will cheer you up after a long mope. Without that feeling, you’ll grow up to be shallow, you won’t feel the feeling (sort of like a fluffy white marshmallow) yes, that one. It might sound silly, it may only rhyme, but what you don’t know is that well, it’s true! That feeling will allow you to fly oh so high! Turns, out maybe a house is not always a home… but only with loving hearts inside a house it can be a home. Home can be BIG, home can be small… but someone out there has no home at all.
Now just think that maybe. Some people don’t have a window to go look and see, the cerulean sky that awaits thee… nor the pretty olive colored grass, the mayo colored sun, and even the flowers tinted mahogany. So, you see… Home may be different between you and me… everyone NEEDS a home. A place where mom or dad or even gramma and grandpa, tell funny stories, a place where I can let go of my worries, somewhere to sleep in my cozy duvet… A place for everyone to find comfort.
Home always just seems to say, ‘I’ll be by your side every single day’.