Grade 6


Home Can Mean a lot of Things…

Home can mean a lot of things. There are many people in very different situations in life, some luckier than others. This is what home means to me.
Home means having food and clean water. I am grateful I have food and fresh water, and a family to have supper, lunch, or breakfast with.
Home means coming home after a long day and just sitting on a comfy couch, and watching T.V. Home means walking into a nice warm place when it’s cold outside and seeing my dog get all excited because I’m home…that’s when I know I’m home. Home is also a place where you can just be yourself and have no one judge you.
Home is a place where you can play video games with friends or have friends over. Home also becomes a gathering place with people who are special to you, like family.
As you can see, home means a lot to me! I’m grateful I have a home to go to everyday.