Grade 6


Home Calling

Home Calling
When I think of home I think of being safe and warm.
I love my nice warm bed,
and pulling the pillow around with my head.
I love my mother and my father
and I am proud that I am their daughter!
I feel very safe in my home,
and I know when I’m there I’m never alone.
I love the tingles from my head to my toes,
when I’m hugged by my mother speaking in her sweet loving tone.
But when I think about people who live on the streets.
I can’t imagine what they feel,
and it’s impossible to think what they think!
Homeless people are wary and cold,
Gripping themselves in a tight warm hold.
Winds harshly tugging at their clothes,
Some water leaking from a nearby broken hose.
Sometimes a sound of an owl,
Or a dog begging it’s owner with a whine or a howl.
This is how some people live!
And I am astonished that we don’t help and give!
But we can do something about it,
We could give them some nice warm socks,
Or tell others with a good loud talk!
I am grateful for my home,
But I soon hope to hear that others also have one of their own.