Grade 5


home by, Karden Usselman

Home to me, is a place where I feel safe,
It is a place that everybody deserves, but not everyone has,
It is a place that makes you feel warm inside,
A place that shelters you from the cold wet rain,

Home is a place where you feel loved, whether it’s by yourself, your family, or even your pet fish,
It is a place to feel grateful for,
A place that you walk outside and feel the hot sun on your face,
And the sound of nature, birds tweeting and the river flowing,
Or even the cool breeze down your back,
Home is a place you recognize as fun, loving, healthy and safe,
A place full of joy, and when some one is sad, a place for cheerfulness,
Home to me is a place where I feel safe, and everybody deserves to feel that way.