Grade 5


Home – By Kaiding

My home is a place where we play and laugh,
It is a shelter, somewhere to sleep or eat.
Home is a place to take a warm bath,
My home is so good that it will never be beat.
My home is where love lives,
Like inviting my friends to come and play.
I will never want to change how it is,
I know that my days will never turn grey.
You can play hide and seek, or be detectives
Home is a place where we shout “HURRAY!”
When I think of my home, I think of my inviting room.
It is like my very own territory
Wow! It Is like glory!
My room is a place to share a story,
Or chill out on my bed and eat Monastery
The walls of a home, will always be left cold,
Until it is filled by young and old.
With a beautiful family,
And an inviting home,
You are as lucky as finding gold.
I made this poem for everybody to see,
Because home is the most important, peaceful and calm place to be.