Grade 4


Home brownies

Home is where I feel most free, this is the meaning of home to me.

This is my recipe for my Home brownies

1 cup of love
5 dashes of warmth
3 tablespoons of happiness
6 pinches of laughter
A teaspoon of joy
2 drops of safety and security
1 drop of your beloved family
10 drops of relaxation
8 ½ cups of belonging

First mix together your 1 cup of love and 5 dashes of warmth. Then to that add 3 tablespoons of happiness and 6 pinches of laughter. In another bowl (small) you want to make sure that you have a teaspoon of joy, 2 drops of safety and security, 1 dash of your beloved family, 10 drops of relaxation and 8 ½ cups of belonging. After that, you want to place them in the oven at 325 degrees fahrenheit and bake them till golden brown. When they are done, cut them up to enjoy. Home brownies are my favourite because when I eat them I feel free, this is the meaning of home to me.