Grade 5


Home Away From Home

I’m proud to be a Canadian. I feel blessed to have a roof over my head and I feel grateful when I come home that my family and I have food. I’m also thankful to have a second home. Philippines is beautiful. When I go back, I get to hear kids playing, birds chirping, trees swishing and people getting along. It’s a simple life, no technology just bright smiles. Children have the simplest toys and play the simplest games with their neighbours. People in my town don’t earn as much, but they wear a lovely smile. It’s quite hot from the heat of the sun. I could never survive, but they’re still content. I’m always whining about food I don’t want, but the kids here finish their plates and are full of appreciation. Sometimes l forget that I should be grateful for everything that I have. No matter where I am, my home is filled with love, laughter, joy and positivity!
I was enjoying everything about life in Philippines until a volcano erupted on January 12, a day before our flight back home to Canada. Due to the unexpected explosion, some people lost everything – houses, animals and crops. They were devastated. With the events that happened those past few days, I realized how lucky I am with what I have and being spared from the calamity. Living in a decent house and being loved by my family is what home means to me. I encourage you to give thanks to your parents who are providing the best things for your future.
Finally, there are few people who are unfortunate without homes. If you have a chance, help the ones who are in need.