Grade 6


Home away from Home

Hello! My name is Peter, I am writing from Keele St. Public School in Toronto, Ontario. I will be writing a paragraph about what home means to me, what I think home is, and the difference between homeless and houseless. I think home is a place with family and friends, love, safety and security, while a house is a shelter.

People should want to go home, to have fun and lots of laughs, most importantly, the people should love each other and want to be together. For example, if I am sad I can go home and go to my room or play with my dog, or talk to a loved one for comfort, but if you are homeless you can’t do that. If you are homeless you are not in an environment where you are loved and cared for. In difference from homeless, being houseless leaves you vulnerable to humiliation, aggression and misjudgement. It leaves you without a shelter and you will be scared, worried, anxious, hungry, thirsty, and with no clothes. The right to shelter is a human right because home is where your emotions are nurtured and supported while a house/shelter provides basic necessities.

The difference between being homeless and houseless is that being houseless means that you don’t have a house or shelter, while being homeless is where you do not have the feeling of safety, security and love. I think that all people deserve to have a home.