Grade 5


Home at Last

Home at Last

Each day I leave to go to school, I love to go there to learn.

I spend my day in the classroom, learning to help me grow and get smarter.

Six hours a day away from home, I can’t wait to return back home.

At 3:05 I leave the school and make my way home. Home at last.

Home at last, I see my puppies, my mum and dad.

Home makes me safe and happy.

My bedroom is a tribute to my beloved team, Flames all the way!

My room makes me happy when I am there.

Each room in the house is filled with love and happiness, so many memories made.

But Home is where the heart is, it’s the spirit and not the place.

Our home is always open, for families and friends.

But only when Covid ends!

Soon a time will come, gathering again.

Home at last.