Grade 6

Bell Island
Newfoundland and Labrador

Home Appreciation

My home is one of the most important parts of my life because me, my friends, and family made so many amazing memories that will stay with us forever, it kills me to see another person like everyone else on the side of the road with their cheeks sucked in and their bones stuck out and I can’t believe that people just walk past them and treat them like their some kind of monsters when really they are just like them on the outside, another thing that I can’t believe is that some people that actually have money dress up as poor people to get more money. When I come inside from the cold outside and I can smell the amazing aroma of my mother’s cooking and I see my dad putting more wood in my woodstove it lets me know that I have lots of things that others would die for and I feel so lucky that I have a home, When I eat my mothers delicious cooking it reminds me that some people are eating scraps that they find on the road or in a dumpster, when I get my shower I think of the people who have not washed in years, when I watch television I think of the people who have not even seen a television before, when I do homework I think of the people who do not have the chance to have an education, when I lay in my bed at night I think of the people who are in a box in an alleyway trying to go to sleep over the sounds of cars and rats crawling on them. This is why I appreciate my home and everything I have that others don’t have.
By: Cameron Cobb