Grade 6


Home and What it Means to Me

Home and what it means to me

What is a place that makes me feel protected? Something big and filled with bundles of joy. All sorts of adventures to go on and lot’s of creativity. Or just sit down and play video games with somebody that is special.. A place where I can eat and get full instead of starving, and having plenty of water to drink. What possibilities are there and what can I imagine.

Tucked in bed and dreaming all night long like a sleepy bear. Thinking about what to do until I wake up in the morning. And if I have something bad going on in my head, mom and dad are there to help. Maybe I will imagine fighting a dragon or worse, have a nightmare. The endless possibilities are up to me to imagine.

Sometime maybe I will invite a friend to play video games with or just do stupid things. One time I may go down to my basement and do some exercise to stay healthy. Or turn on zoom and do taekwondo with my buddies. My house will always be a great place to be in. And when I grow up and it’s time for me to go and start a new life I will always be grateful for what my parents have given me. So at the end my house is a really important place to me. I may never live without it.