Grade 4


Home and the Struggles Without it

Homes are very important to humans and animals alike. The definition of home is a house,apartment or other shelter that is the usual residence of a person or of a family household. Many people have homes in Canada and around the world.But many people don’t have these places to live or to even rent a house for a couple of days. These people are called homeless people and they have to live in and out of homeless shelters which is a bad thing because if there is a war they would not have shelter and they would be an easy target.If you see someone without money asking for money please accept their request.It would be helping them in many ways.Many people are suffering from no home and if you help them they will thank you for your support and for helping them to reach their goal[ which is probably to not be homeless].If they had a home it would be easy to find shelter and to hide during an invasion. The word home means family and safe to me.Calmed and relax,I can do my homework without any distractions.I can play with my siblings and play with my pets.While my parents are arguing I can stay up stairs in my room until the argument ends.Within the world people need homes and we should donate to them.In conclusion homes are one of the most important things people have created.


Helping people find shelter.
Oh please donate to people in need of a home.
Making it easy to survive.
Eliminating homelessness.
Surviving easily and providing for kids.