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Home and House

Home and House

Home Home Home

What does home mean you say? Well, a home can mean many things. Everyone has their own meaning of home. To me, a home means a place to laugh, cry, trust, honesty, safe, heat, comfortable. For me, those are the best words to describe a home. Now let’s talk about what home truly means to me.

Home means a place where you start everything. Where you start to crawl, walk, run, talk, jump around the house, breaking things. When you start doing all those things. I went to Africa this summer and when I was there I saw people and families living in some weird looking houses. I asked them why don’t they get a better home and they told me that to them it does not matter whether their home is big with fancy stuff in it or small like their home. As long as they have a roof to sleep under, a kitchen to cook food, and bedrooms to sleep in they are fine and that it is what they call home. From this story, I want you to learn that it does not matter how big your home is, actually the smaller it is the better it is.

Some of my friends think that your home has to be beautiful and big, but no they are totally wrong. When you start worrying too much about the way your home is, it’s not called a home anymore. It’s called a house. It does not mean you don’t have to take care of it anymore but be wise.

Shirel Matagne Bogne Mela Meryle