Grade 4


Home and homelessness

Home is a place where I am loved. When I am in my home I know that someone will always be there for me. I know that when I get home I know that I am safe.

Earlier this year my class went to Seed School. Seed School is held at the Mustard Seed. At the time we were there we got to learn about people experiencing homelessness. At the Mustard Seed we got to learn about what we as a class/community can do about homelessness. Also we went around the city to places, Inn from the cold and East Village. We also learned that sometimes people that work in the city give money and a small gesture makes a big difference.

Some small gestures that my family makes at home are, smiling. Some things like just smiling at someone experiencing homelessness. Because, one, it makes a big difference in that person’s life. The reason why is because that person can’t express his or her feelings like you and when you do that they get the chance to express their own feelings to you. Just imagine what that would feel like if you were that person. I bet that you would feel sad if you were that person.

When I walk to the dinner table I look around and I see memories. And these memories are special. But a lot of the time people experiencing homelessness don’t have as many memories as us and that’s really hard for them to not have as many memories as us. If I did not have as many memories as I do now I would be sad. I would be sad and angry but not as happy as other people. They still have memories so don’t go around saying ‘they don’t have memories’ because that would be mean. And we should start being nicer to them.