Grade 6


Home and Family

Home is about safety and love.

My family and I have a traditional sit-down meals
At home you don’t have to worry about strangers
following you and feeling uncomfortable and in danger
At home you can feel loved
We are all one team at home
You don’t have to worry of people judging you
When you have a bad day you can shake all the nasty feelings
You can lay in your bed and relax, when you are sick your family will usually take care of you
I remember when we had a movie and board game night, we had drinks and snacks.
Do you know what was the best part of all?
Spending time with my family.
Your family sometimes might be mad at you and your siblings but deep down they will always love you.
Your family will usually leave you alone when you ask for it.
They will sometimes ask you for help and you might find it annoying but you should always be grateful that your family loves you.