Grade 5


Home and Belongings

There are walls and floors and windows to keep everyone warm and we check the thermostat.
We go in the backyard, putting on our coats and shoes.
I have a door to go outside.

My house is full of joy and greatness and laughter.
Fun with my family
Comfortable on my couch playing video games or when I’m watching tv.
Sleeping on my bed, using my blanket and my pillow.
Going for a car ride with my family.
I use my phone when I’m bored. I pray when I’m sad.
If I want food I use the toaster or the microwave or go to the fridge.
When I eat, I use silverware and a plate and I eat at the table. We get the food we want if we are hungry.
My family plays board games to have fun.
My Mom and Dad use money to pay the bills, rent, and electricity so we have power.

Shouldn’t everybody have this chance?