Grade 6



Reporter: “Good Afternoon everyone. I’m your host Alexia Brown and today we will be trying once again to answer a question sweeping the nation; “What is the meaning of home?” . Today, I am going to be interviewing John Thompson, who recently lost his home. John what is your take on this question? “

John Thompson: “Well Alexia, I feel that people with homes easily overlook homes. Losing my home helped me realize part of what it means to have one in the first place. It has humbled me.”

Alexia Brown: “Oh really, and what are those things if you don’t mind me imposing?”

John Thompson: “Home is where one life starts then ends,
It’s where love is found and loss is learned,
The one thing that can withstand any storm,
Where food always tastes better than anywhere else,
Where sadness means nothing and happiness means everything,
Where family has a value more than money,
It is a place that you know nothing and everything about, at the same time,
It’s a place the ungrateful will never have and the grateful will never live without,
Home is not a place, it is a feeling that has nothing to do with a building.”

Alexia Brown: “Thank you Mr.Thompson. Don’t forget . You heard it here first.You can own a house and still be homeless. You can read more of John’s inspiring thoughts on our website. I’m your reporter Alexia Brown wishing all of you a good night.”