Grade 5


Home Again

Today I woke up in a warm bed. I got up and went downstairs to eat a delicious waffle with strawberries for breakfast. I looked outside at the quiet street and then …

I woke up. It was all a dream. I look around my home under the Toronto bridge and hear the sound of cars zooming above me. I climb out of my tent. It’s time to find some money for food. I have no time to think about my dream of living in a real home with walls, food and a family.

I am starving and my clothes are wet from the rain. It is a miserable day. No one is outside except a mom and her young daughter. They look at me and walk away quickly. I think about how my parents used to care for me, but then my mom died and my dad changed. We started fighting a lot. I ran away from my dad and my home when I was 13. I’m 17 now and I still wonder why my dad never came to find me. I heard that he found a new home without me.

I’m all alone now. I sit and wait for someone to show a little kindness. Suddenly I see a man that I recognize. Could this be my father? “Excuse me, is your name William?” I ask. He only says one word, “Leah”, and I know that he is my father. He hugs me and asks, “Do you want to come home?” I realize that I want to go home more than anything in this world. Not to my home under the bridge but to my real home where I have shelter, food and love. A place where my dad and I are a family again.