Grade 6

West Kelowna
British Columbia

Home According to Me

Sure, I don’t know what it is like without a house, but I do know what home means to me. Home is where I find comfort from people I consider family (including my actual family). Home is where I find my pets (my guinea pig and my dog). Home is where I will find my mom’s delicious baking…mmmm, mint fudge. Home is where I have a roof over my head and protection for me and my loved ones. Home is where I find time to have fun with my family. Home is where I can find my friends. Home is where I find food my awesome parents or siblings have prepared for me. Home is where me and my family have some pretty awesome board games, card games, mind-twisting games, physical games, video games and strategic games. Home is where I can sleep and find calmness. What does home mean to you?