Grade 6


Home: A Story

Home, a place where people can feel safe where people can feel loved. Now what if that place never existed, what if that place disappeared right in front of your eyes. Imagine how devastated you would be.

I don’t have to imagine it because I have felt it multiple times, I was there when my best friend Beth died, I was there when monsters slaughtered my family, I watched as the person I trusted the most betray me.

I still remember when grandma baked her famous ginger cookies, she would bake them when Beth came over or during Christmas. Beth and I would love to make fortune-tellers, every day was full of jokes and laughter, I wish I could go home again.

Just like when people always say “there’s no place like home” they’re not wrong there is no place like home and there won’t ever be a place like it.

It’s hard to see people priorities other things over the family. Can’t they see trust disappearing, can’t they see love fading? How the world would have been so beautiful if there weren’t anybody on the streets, what a shame that isn’t reality.

What are people going to do when the home is gone, what are they going to do when there aren’t any more memories.

They always act as if they’re so smart, thinking that it is so easy to just forget about home! Home is not just a place where you live, it’s a place full of hope, full of love, full of joy, and full of memories. Memories that make you laugh, memories that bring happiness to life.

So, no I can’t just forget, I don’t want to forget, home is a place you can’t get back because those memories are worth more than anything else.