Grade 4


HomeA Special Place

My home is where my family is. Family is there for me to pick me up when I’m in the blue. My family cheers me up when I am sad. My family is an important part of my home. My family is there for me. My Dad is there if I get hit by a hammer. My mom is there if I have a nightmare. My sister is there to make me laugh and have fun. Home is a place where family unites. My family is the key of my home.

My home is a safe place. It shelters me from the Whitehorse chills. My family makes me feel safe when I am home with them. The fire warms my chilly cheeks when I come in from a cold day on the slopes. My home is warm and cozy and wraps me in safety.

My home is a place where I belong. My home makes me feel like I belong there and that I will always be welcome. My home is a place where I feel important. It is a place where all of my dreams come true.
Home is my happy place.