Grade 6


Home a Special Place

What is home? 4 walls with a roof or a resting place after a hard day. Is it a building or a place to meet your family? A house is just a place to keep your home, a protective shell from weather. But a home is a golden bubble that shields you from the bitterness of outside. A home isn’t a place with beds, TV’s, sofas or tables, a home could be a country, or territory that you would fight for.
I go home to seek happiness, meet my loved ones and rest for the next day. I leave my home to accomplish things and shape myself for the future. I come home after a long day of accomplishing and feel the warm, comforting air touching my cheeks. The voice of my mother welcoming me is like a surge of energy for me. I use that energy to run and give her a hug. My siblings aren’t always the greatest people to meet, but I grew up seeing those faces smiling at me on the day I was born. My father comes home from work to give me a hug and help me out with things I do. This routine gives me a heartwarming feeling and gives me the support to rise out of difficult times.
A home is not something to take for granted. People live without a home. They don’t feel the feeling we do everyday. Their fate was something they didn’t choose. Some grew up without a home and others homes were destroyed by war. Their families are gone and their memories haunt them. We should feel blessed that we have a home. We get mad at our families for small things and throw away food we don’t like. Others don’t have food, or families or a home.